About composite sinks

Granite composite sinks are made from real granite combined with resin fillers. They have porous surfaces that can absorb liquids and impurities if not properly cared for. Eventually stains or a white film will develop making your granite sink look dirty no matter how much you scrub it.

Cleaning granite sinks with acidic or abrasive household cleaners will simply exacerbate the problem; etching the surface and leaving it blurry and damaged. Avoid cleaning granite with products that contain bleach, ammonia, vinegar, or citrus. Instead, choose specially formulated granite cleaners that are better for your stone and eco-friendly, too.

How to clean a granite sink

The best way to maintain your granite composite sink is with frequent, regular cleanings. To avoid the haze, water spots, stains and discoloration, wipe out your granite sink after each use.

Then, at least once per day use a pH neutral cleaner for granite such as Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner & Conditioner. Simply spray it on and buff your sink to a lustrous finish.

Supreme Surface cleaners contain a proprietary conditioner called ioSeal that fills the pores in your composite sink and protects it from hard water, soap scum buildup, and stains. If your sink is already suffering from these issues, treat it first with Supreme Surface Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover, then follow up with Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner & Conditioner.

A few minutes per day with Supreme Surface cleaners for granite is all it takes to clean, ionically seal, and protect your granite composite sink, leaving behind a beautiful, smooth texture that’s easy to care for!