Cleaning slate is not hard, so long as you take preventative measures to keep your slate from showing wear and tear.

Always keep polished and honed slate free of grit and debris by sweeping your slate floors daily. When choosing a cleaning product, keep in mind that slate is reactive to acids like vinegar, orange, and lime. Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia can also damage slate. Instead, clean your slate floors with a pH neutral tile cleaner such as Supreme Surface Stone Floor Cleaner.

Since slate is porous, liquids can seep into its surface. Acidic substances left on slate such as soda, coffee, and fruit juice have the ability to infiltrate the surface of the stone and not only leave stains, but reduce the naturally vibrant colors of your slate. To prevent this from happening, your slate should be sealed with a stone sealer when it is installed and maintained with a conditioner like the ioSeal in Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner & Conditioner. When used daily to clean stone like slate and granite this product helps shield your counters and other surfaces from stains and chemical damage.

You made a valuable investment in your home when you chose to install natural slate. Protect your investment with the Supreme Surface line of stone care products. Daily cleaning with Supreme Surface cleaners ensures your slate’s colors will remain alive and vibrant.