Stone Care Made Easy

Just spray on Supreme Surface Stone Cleaners and wipe off for clean, gorgeous natural stone in any room.

Supreme Surface Stone Care products are perfect for maintaining or revitalizing granite, marble, travertine, limestone, slate, and quartz. This is a hassle free way to clean, polish protect & seal your natural stone sinks, counters, floors, vanities, and showers; making your home more beautiful.

pH neutral and safe for daily use on any stone

Supreme Surface Cleaners are safe to use on any stone surface. Use them every day for a streak free shine every time--even when cleaning black granite.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor stone care, Supreme Surface products clean any stone in any finish. They are non toxic and safe for use on food preparation surfaces and around children and pets.

Ionically seals and protects against wear and tear

Supreme Surface Stone Care products are the only stone cleaners that contain ioSeal. IoSeal forms a protective ionic barrier that shields your natural stone against stains, hard water, and mineral buildup. Cleanup actually gets easier with every use.

Supreme Surface Granite Cleanser & Conditioner

Stone Countertop Cleaner and Conditioner

Our Granite Cleaner and Conditioner is truly unlike anything else in the marketplace today.

Supreme Surface Stone Shower Cleanser & Conditioner

Stone Shower Cleaner and Conditioner

For the best looking bathrooms, use the best Stone Shower Cleaner and Conditioner.

Supreme Surface Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover

Scum & Mineral Deposit Remover

Do away with soap scum build-up, hard water stains & mineral deposits.


Supreme Surface Stone Flooring Cleanser & Conditioner

Stone Floor Cleaner and Conditioner

Make colors more vibrant with our Stone Flooring Cleaner with IoSeal.


Unlike Anything Else On The Marketplace Today

Supreme Surface Stone Care Products are the only stone cleaners that contain ioSeal.

How does ioSeal work?

Stones like granite naturally emit a negative ionic charge. We’ve incorporated into the Supreme Surface Stone Care Products a positively charged conditioning agent that called ioSeal. The positive and negative ions create an electrostatic bond that forms a barrier; filling the porous surface of your stone and preventing it from absorbing damaging liquids. For more information about how to protect and care for natural stone see our stone care resource page.

By cleaning your stone with Supreme Surface Stone Care Prdoucts you can:

  • Do Away With Soap Scum Build-up, Hard Water Stains & Mineral Deposits
  • Condition your stone, enhancing colors and improving texture
  • Revitalize Older Stone Sinks, Counters, Vanities and Baths