Prevent mold in your stone shower

Mold prevention begins at installation. Your contractor should install a quality waterproofing membrane behind your stone shower to keep your walls and floors from getting wet. Then, your tile and grout must be sealed, otherwise water will seep through. And be sure to have a good ventilation system  installed to exhaust humid air outside (then remember to run the fan while you shower).

Keep a clean stone shower 

Since mold thrives where it’s moist, squeegee or towel dry your stone shower after you get out; that way, it can thoroughly dry between uses. Also, deprive mold and mildew of the organic matter they feed on by cleaning your stone shower regularly with a pH neutral stone cleaner.

Regular maintenance

A certain amount of expanding and contracting is to be expected from your stone tiles. Over time you may notice cracking, crumbling, or peeling of your grout or caulking. Touch up or replace any damaged areas to keep water from leaking through.

The bathroom of your dreams is your private sanctuary. All it takes to keep it from becoming a moldy nightmare is a little cleaning and upkeep.